The Preloved project was conceived in October 2020, when a local charity sent out an urgent appeal for a struggling family.

Having shared the request with our personal network, the response was significant and incredibly heartening.

Word spread and, very quickly, people had bags and bags ready to donate.

However, with most charities not having the necessary storage, the issue became...where to keep it all?


As we found ourselves unhappily having to turn down donations from friends who had very much wanted to help,

it became apparent that a central hub where people could donate items was essential, allowing us to respond to appeals for help immediately as and when needed.


We are surrounded by mums (and are mums ourselves)

with quickly growing kids who are fortunate to have enough clothes,

warm coats and lots of lovely toys...and it became apparent that this network of women created not only a strong foundation of support, but also a steady supply of preloved but well cared for items.

Everyone said the same, that they would love to pass on these things to someone who really needs them. 

Many families that were barely coping before the coronavirus outbreak are now struggling to make ends meet. As lockdown extended, we became busier and the demand for support became greater. The referrals we receive often have very little or in some cases nothing at all and truly appreciate their Preloved Care Packages.


We couldn't do it without your generous donations.

Thank you 


Katia & Zoe

and The Preloved Team